Finding the right fixtures

Arrange for faucet or sink installation services in Durham, NC

When area residents want to remodel their bathrooms, they rely on Total Plumbing to do the plumbing work. You can count on us for faucet and sink installation services. We'll be glad to consult with you about your style preferences and budget to find the fixtures that best meet your needs.

Call 919-402-3477 now to schedule faucet or sink installation services in Durham, NC or surrounding areas.

Whether it is leaky, outdated, or simply time to replace, Total Plumbing has you covered for all your faucet needs. We will discuss repair options when possible, and replacement when necessary. When we service or replace your faucet, we will also check to ensure the shutoff valves are functioning correctly incase of emergency. We will offer replacement options if they are not functioning optimally.

A clogged or damaged sink can be a serious issue. Leaks, damage, and inconvenience are all important reasons to keep your sink in good working order. We arrive ready to unclog any sink drain, and replace a damaged sink if necessary.

We Have years of experience with all styles and sizes of sinks, and can recommend the best fit for your home and lifestyle. When a sink is replaced, we always check the Trap and drainage beneath the sink. Leaks and clogs in the drain pipes of your sink are often missed due to being out of sight.

Put your fixtures in good hands

Put your fixtures in good hands

Plumbing problems often happen unexpectedly. If you've got a problem, turn to Total Plumbing for help. We offer a variety of essential services, including:

We have the crew and equipment needed to tackle any plumbing repair project. Contact us today to get faucet or sink repair services in the Durham, NC area.